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We’re the largest independent stockholder of copper drawn products in the UK.

We have a massive stockholding of thousands of tonnes, which means our stocking service is second to none.

MSS can supply a full range of non ferrous metals including: Brass; Copper; Bronze; Stainless Steel and alloys in bar; strip; rod;
sheet; plate; section; wire and tube as well as special customer profiles on request. So the likelihood that we’ll have the products you require, exactly when you want them, is very high indeed.

What’s more, we can supply customers from our dedicated stocks held at their own premises.

Our relationships with the worlds best manufacturers of non ferrous metals ensures short lead times and safe supply lines. We stock the following:

Used extensively in Power, Telecommunications, Architectural and Marine Industries, copper offers a wide range of uses. Whilst new materials are
constantly being developed, copper remains the primary choice for the engineer and designer.

Easy to machine and fabricate, Aluminium can actually be stronger than steel. Demand for this metal has grown and grown and is now widely used in the motor, aircraft and food industries as well as engineering in general. Aluminium is also environmentally friendly as it’s completely recyclable.

Made primarily of Copper and Tin, Phosphorous, Lead and Zinc may be added to produce alloys with specific properties for special uses. Most Bronze alloys have a good corrosion resistance and the hardest and strongest Bronzes
contain much Tin and little Lead. Alloys such as this are preferred when casting statues or ornamental work.

Stainless Steel
The main requirement of Stainless Steel is that it’s corrosion resistant. In economic terms, stainless steel can compete with more expensive metals and alloys while offering corrosion resistant properties in a wide range of applications. What’s more, Stainless Steel can be fully recycled at the end of its life.

Adding Zinc to Copper, Lead and Tin forms Brass. Nickel can be added to produce alloys that have many specific uses. Brass is commonly used in making hardware, electrical fixtures, musical instruments and in general engineering.

Other Alloys
Available on request.

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