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MSS Products Ltd is one of the oldest non ferrous metal distribution companies in the UK with a heritage going back to the early 1970’s. The original business was a pioneering company in many ways such as taking on the stockholding and JIT deliveries of high value copper and copper alloy stocks on behalf of electrical companies who traditionally were reliant on longer lead times from UK copper producers.
MSS Products was also at the forefront in the late 1980’s and 90’s of the development of the outsourcing of component manufacturing by our established customer base. MSS was able to invest in new plant and equipment to support the outsourcing of component manufacturing by our customers. This ultimately lead to the establishment of the factory in Nasik, India which now constitutes the bulk of our manufacturing capability

  • 1971

    Original company founded

  • 1979

    Move to Greenwood street.
    Based on the success of the original stockholding business MSS moved to its first large scale warehouse at Greenwood street in Salford.

  • 1986

    Move to Fitzwarren Street.
    Further expansion of the business necessitated a move to larger premises in Fitzwarren street in Salford.

  • 1989

    Move into components
    Working with our customer base MSS started to develop a component manufacturing capability as an outsourcing destination for our customers in-house component manufacturing.

  • 1991

    Gindre Duchavany acquisition
    MSS acquired 34% of the Gindre group a French manufacturer of copper materials

  • 1992

    MSS sets up new Metelec stockholding business
    To offer an improved stockholding service MSS established Metelec Ltd based in Walsall to service customers primarily in the Midlands and the South of England

  • 1992

    Acquisition of G Corner Electrical
    To increase our component and busbar manufacturing capability MSS acquired the G Corner business in Oldham which then became the main component manufacturing centre for MSS

  • 1995

    Move to current warehouse in Tyldesley, Manchester
    Due to the continued expansion of the nonferrous metal and component stockholding business it became necessary to move out of our site in Salford into a 5,000 Sq Mtr new home in Tyldesley, North Manchester.

  • 1998

    Formation of MSS India Pvt Ltd
    In order to service our customers with an increasingly global outlook as well as providing a more cost-effective service MSS set up a new component manufacturing business in India, MSS India Pvt Ltd, located in Nasik, around 120 Miles North East of Mumbai

  • 2000

    Disposal of Gindre shares
    Following an agreement with Gindre DuChavany MSS’s 34% holding in the Gindre group was sold.

  • 2002

    Sale of Metelec Ltd
    Following the disposal of MSS’s shares in Gindre, in 2002, as part of a significant restructuring of the MSS business, Metelec was sold to Gindre. MSS then could look at further investments in its UK business and overseas.

  • 2003

    MSS South Africa established
    MSS set up a warehouse and distribution centre in South Africa to supply the growing economies across Southern Africa.

  • 2007

    MSS India new headquarters
    With the growth in the Component demand from MSS Products in 2007 MSS India completed the construction of a new production and head office facility with the opening of a new 4,500 Sq Mtr building.

  • 2012

    MSS South Africa sold
    With the conclusion of a local South African partnership agreement MSS South Africa was sold.

  • 2015

    Further expansion
    Working with a number of customers in the UK who required full component assemblies rather than individual components MSS Products made a further investment in this area in the UK and MSS India also opened a further Unit of 2,500 Sq Mtrs to service this demand.

  • 2018

    2018 – MSS Products consolidates its position as the leading supplier in the UK of copper mill products with sales crossing an annual total of 5,000 tonnes for the first time

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